Compatible Ammunition

The following brands and types of .45 ACP ammunition have been tested and certified for use in the KRISS firearms. We are constantly evaluating additional ammunition options for the KRISS and will update this list as we are able. We are always interested in learning about your experience with the wide variety of ammo choices in the market; please feel free to drop us an email to share what works and doesn't work for you. And PLEASE REMEMBER, per your warranty, reloads of any kind must not be used in your KRISS. Doing so will void your warranty.

  • Federal American Eagle .45 ACP, 230gr. FMJ
  • Federal BallistiClean .45 Auto, 165 gr,  Close Quarters Training
  • PNW Arms KRISS .45 ACP Range 230gr Ranier LeadSafe (Save 15% using coupon code: KRISS15)
  • Remington .45 ACP, 230gr. FMJ
  • Remington .45 ACP, 230gr. Golden Saber HPJ
  • Speer Lawman 45 Auto, 230 gr TMJ
  • US Government MILSPEC .45 ACP, 230gr. FMJ (Olin Corp)