The first major breakthrough in weapons operating systems in more than 120 years!

The patented KRISS system actually works with the operator by helping deliver more rounds on-target, more of the time. By reducing felt recoil by as much as 60% and barrel elevation by 95%, the KRISS system stays where you aim it and drastically reduces the need to re-acquire sight picture...even when firing full auto at 1200 rounds-per-minute!


Small, lightweight, short-travel bolt engages with slider mass to reduce felt recoil Slider mass absorbs recoil energy and re-directs downward and away from the operator’s shoulder eliminating barrel climb

Unlike any other firearm ever invented, instead of having all the recoil force slam back into the shooter’s shoulder, causing massive amounts of felt recoil and resultant muzzle climb, the KRISS System absorbs and redirects these forces downward and away from the operator thus enabling him to better control and keep the KRISS firearm on-target. More control equals more rounds on-target, more of the time.

Developed over a 5-year period in cooperation with the US Army ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal, the KRISS system has been designed and proven to meet or exceed the requirements of today’s changing tactical challenges. Due to its small platform envelope and light weight, the KRISS is easily deployed in CQB and mobile tactical situations; it can be quickly and effectively deployed from behind a patrol vehicle steering wheel, covert-carried or by mounted units storing easily in a saddlebox. With its hard-hitting .45 ACP cartridge, the KRISS provides in-close knock-down power at 1200 rounds-per-minute and 6” groups at stand-off distances of 100m....all with no worries about over-penetration risks and the confidence of single-fire, two-round burst and full-auto selectability.

The KRISS Vector is built to rugged MILSPEC standards and features simple and robust moving parts. With the removal of only 4 pushpins, the KRISS field strips in 7 tools required